10 reasons to invest in a property in Nyali, Mombasa.

NYALI-MOMBASA REAL ESTATE is in an affluent residential area and Sub-County within Mombasa City. Nyali is located on the mainland north of Mombasa County. 

NYALI-MOMBASA REAL ESTATE is in an affluent residential area and Sub-County within Mombasa City. Nyali is located on the mainland north of Mombasa County. It is connected to Mombasa Island by the New Nyali Bridge. Nyali is known for its many high-class hotels and residential houses, modern standards, and long white sand beaches making it a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists.

1. Nyali Amazing Vacation Properties Can Support Any Diverse Lifestyle.

Just because you’re not on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t choose to live a vacation lifestyle. In Kenya’s coastal region, making each day count is easy as the area offers access to thousands of restaurants, attractions, and entertainment options. In Nyali, Kenya there are plenty of reasons to get out and explore or slow down and relax.

2. Home prices don’t break the bank.

Home prices don’t break the bank. Whether you’re investing in a second home or looking to make Nyali your permanent residence, the Nyali Real Estate market offers affordable prices and an array of fantastic amenities, and recent research of the area’s Real Estate market shows an increasing number of properties sold and increasing prices—good news for any investor!

3. Amazing Beach Front Properties and Kenyan hospitality.

There’s a reason why nearly 15 million visitors flock to our shores each year, and it’s more than the beach. It’s our warm and friendly locals. People are what make certain communities special and in ours, you’ll find neighbors with the truly Kenyan hospitality that makes our country so well-loved.

4. Plenty to offer.

Apart from the palm-fringed beautiful beaches, we are also home to one of the world’s most renowned national reserves including the Tsavo east and west national reserve. What’s more our transport system to the rest of the country is very well connected which means you are never too far from the rest of the game reserves.

5. Beaches for miles.

Our sunny Kenyan shoreline is the main attraction in Nyali among the visitors and the locals. Kenya has a total length of 1420 km Shoreline along the sparkling Indian Ocean which gives its residents and visitors a variety of thrilling water sports, and activities to indulge in!

6. Nyali is a Business Hub in East and Central Africa.

Mombasa is a major trade center and home to Kenya’s only large seaport (the Kilindini Harbour) and will become a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in which certain industries such as tea, garments, and footwear will be exempted from certain taxes to promote domestic growth, with this in mind there is definitely plenty of business opportunities to invest in. Real Estate is booming. Tourism industry With over 2M arrivals reported each year tourism offers a lot of job opportunities, those looking to move here can certainly look to this industry to help support their lifestyle. 

7. Nyali weather is Amazing All Year.

Say goodbye to snow shoveling and welcome to the sunny side of life. Over the course of the year, the temperature in Nyali, Mombasa typically varies from 71°F to 89°F and is rarely below 69°F or above 91°F. 

8. Amazing Eateries, Nite Life, and Entertainment.

The North Coast is renowned for its vibrant 24-hour entertainment offers, including both family entertainment (water parks, cinemas, bowling, etc.), sports (water sports, mountain biking, and go-karting), culinary offers (restaurants offering a wide range of specialties from Kenya, China, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, and other countries) and nightlife (bars, pubs, clubs, discotheques, etc.).

Top 10 Eateries and Restaurants in Nyali

  • Tamarind Restaurant & Dhow
  • Yuls Aquadrom
  • Cafesserie
  • Rozinas Restaurant
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Grill House
  • Robertos’s Italian Restaurant
  • La Veranda Restaurant
  • Husseini BBQ
  • Zain’s BBQ House

9. We’ve got brains in Nyali and the Top Academic Institutions.

The area boasts an exceptional education system, with many affordable private schools, a good number of international schools, universities, technical colleges, and several area trades schools which ensures your young ones will not miss any opportunity. 

Top 5 academic institutions in Nyali

  1. Light Academy
  2. Greenwood Groove Academy
  3. Nyali Primary School
  4. Busy Bee School
  5. Maville Academy

10. Nyali is a Great Investment Location for Kenyans in the Diaspora

Nyali, Mombasa is becoming a preferred location for people to live and work due to its proximity to the city center and other important areas.

Community matters.

The Pwani or Coastal region has plenty of opportunities to get you involved. There’s no more rewarding way to spend time than by giving back to your community, and here you can do it all while meeting interesting people in the area. Religious organizations, arts groups, professional associations, community service groups, and medical facilities are always in need of volunteers while they supply valuable support and assistance to the community we call home.