The Easier way to own a home in Nyali Mombasa

We break down for you reasons why investing with us is your sure path to owning an oceanfront home in Nyali.

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Building wealth is no easy feat especially in these fluctuating economic times, likewise to owning a descent home, a little luxurious in this case. As we all know how difficult it can be to save, let alone invest, we have found a way for you to own an oceanfront apartment right now in Nyali, without having to wait for a big chunk of money.

Based on the current property market price especially along the ocean, in Nyali, we have reworked our pricing and came up with even an averagly lower rates for our apartments coupled with a very flexible payment method. You can start your home ownership with us by investing as little as 20% of the unit price and pay the balance in 15 months. How to clear the balance is totally in your control – you decide how to; whether through monthly or quarterly instalments. That’s right?


Searching for affordable, luxurious real estate investments isn’t a difficult task; Finding one is. 

Somehow, sometimes, you have been frustrated by the Kenyan Real Estate Industry. Perhaps, you have been frustrated by the high prices, crazy down-payment requirements, huge interest rates and lack of integrity by developers.

You open your laptop, 10 tabs loading, each sounding like the previous one, “affordable real estate,” but they don’t appeal.

How often will you look at them, wondering when the meaning of the word “affordable” changed? 🤔

And so you close them.

You return to your day, hoping that tomorrow will bring a better solution.

Here’s the good news. 😊

Marble Inn has heard your concerns. It has never been this easy to own an oceanfront apartment in Nyali, Mombasa.

Yes! You can now own an apartment in Mombasa along the highly prized English Point Marina stretch. Let’s talk a little about the neighborhood. This is a serene location that hosts high profile neighbors both in the political and business spheres of our country. This first means, security of your investment and family is already well taken care of. KNOW MORE

Before we show you what project we’re selling, let’s look at a simple example of the 20% deposit plan.

Here’s how it works!

If you are planning to buy a 2 bedroom unit at Ksh. 16.5M, then #JustMultiply the purchase price (16.5M) by 0.2 which gives you, 3.3M. Upon paying this, you have another 15months to clear your 80% balance – which you can clear as per what works for you i.e in lumpsum or installments of your own choice.

To Talk To Us and we will explain this even more, should you need more information.